The 31st National High School Manga Championship (Manga Koshien)

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What is Manga Koshien?

It is a competition where teams of high school students compete on manga creations. This competition started in 1992 and celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Since 2014, schools from overseas also started entering the competition, and we are seeing approximately 300 schools participating each year from Japan and abroad.

Teams of three to five students each work together to draw a one-page manga in accordance with a specified theme for the preliminaries. Those who manage to pass the preliminaries gather in Kochi during summer for the main round.

Teams in the main round (semifinals, revival round, finals) stand a chance to win the grand prize and other awards. This means prize money, drawing materials, and more! In addition, during the main round, talented students may even be scouted by major manga publishers and perhaps debut as professionals!

1. Preliminary Round Theme

· Space debris (Uchuu Gomi)
· ∞ Infinity (Mugen)

Draw and submit a one-page manga of either one of these themes.
Manga Koshien Website:

2. Eligibility

· Japan and overseas senior high school students or similar (approximately 15 to 18 years of age)
· Only one team per school is allowed to participate.

3. Guidelines for the Preliminary Round Entries

· Entries should be submitted online at
· The manga must be of B4 size (257mm x 364mm, in any orientation).
· The manga must be produced jointly by all students registered in the application form.

4. Timeline

(1) Preliminary Round (Online)

· Deadline: Tuesday, May 31st, 2022, 24:00 (JST)
· Judging: Tuesday, June 14th, 2022
· Chosen schools: 33 schools (30 from Japan, 3 from overseas)

(2) Main Round (Kochi Prefecture, Japan)

· Participants: 33 schools that passed the preliminary round
· Date: Saturday, 30th, and Sunday, 31st, July 2022
· Venue: Kochi Jibasan Center
· Participation fee: JPY 30,000 (per person)

*The participation fee will cover the participants’ air ticket, accommodation, etc.
*Travel arrangements will be made by the event organizer

5. Main Round Judges

· All 6 Preliminary Round Judges
· Guest Judges
Fujimaki Tadatoshi (Famous works: Kuroko no Basuke, Robot x Laserbeam)
Yukimoto Shuuji (Famous works: Kemo Life, Shark Girl)

*For more details, please refer to the Implementation Outline at the following

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언론연락처:Manga Kingdom Tosa Promotional Committee (within the Manga Kingdom Tosa Office) Yasuaki Okamatsu, Risa Matsumoto +81-(0)88-823-9711

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